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Surviving The Snowmobile Off Season!

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When it's time to yield to the spring thaw and put away the sled for the summer how do you survive until the snow gods open up the heavens and all is white and right again?

I'd like to get some feedback from you about how you substitute the desire to get out there and ride your snowmobile on the trails and mountains for… something else. Personally I enjoy riding ATVs during the summer but even that isn't quite enough. A mouth full of dirt doesn't taste as refreshing as a mouthful of snow ya know?

Suggestions on how to cope with summer snowmobile withdrawals

I asked several friends, online and off, and friends of friends how they do it. Here are some of their responses. Jeff K. in Oregon says “Go swimming at the lake or cottage, the white stuff melts into this clear liquid stuff, might as well jump in right?”. John T. in Montana said “Mountain climbing works for me, it keeps me in the best physical shape for the next winter”.

I'd have to say that those are two of my favorite answers so far but I know you must have many more. Some other great suggestions included these:

  • Fishing – I don't want those critters putting wrinkles in my ice!
  • Huh? I ride my snowmobile year round, no wonder the skis always wear out!
  • I work two jobs so that I don't have to work at all in winter.
  • My wife owns me in warm weather, so she tells me every year while I fix things
  • I buy parts and work on the snowmobile, I own three of them and switch when one breaks. I try to maximize my winter up time by being prepared.

All of these were great answers so now let me ask you, what do YOU do to survive in the snowmobile off season?

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