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Cleaning Snowmobile Skis

Cleaning Snowmobile Skis

A great article about cleaning snowmobile skis was just posted over on hardcoresledder that I'd like to pass along, it included an excellent snowmobile ski cleaning how to video.

This snowmobile cleaning video demonstrates how to remove heavy build up and grease from snowmobile skis using Sledbrite snowmobile cleaner and degreaser. You'll want to clean the entire sled prior to brightening any aluminum or metals, including these ski attachments, snowmobile tunnels and engine parts. This is especially important in an area such as this where there is heavy grease or build up. If the build up is not removed prior to applying the aluminum cleaner, the aluminum cleaner will not be able to come in contact with the actual surface of the aluminum, therefore preventing it from cleaning and oxidizing the aluminum.

Materials Needed are: a couple of clean rags, a small brush or toothbrush and some Sledbrite snowmobile cleaner.

  • Remove heavy contact grease from surface with shop rag
  • Spray SledBrite Belly Pan Snowmobile Cleaner across surface, including ski and attachments
  • Allow dwell time of 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on severity of grease build up
  • Agitate areas with brush to break up build up
  • Wipe clean with second shop rag or Microfiber Towel