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Polaris Snowmobile VIN Number Location

Polaris Snowmobile VIN Number

Polaris VIN Number Info

Before you can begin decoding your snowmobile VIN you need to find it and with Polaris snowmobiles that’s not too difficult. The image above is a general representation of what you are looking for on your sled.

Polaris VIN location

Snowmobile identification is found on the tunnel decal and usually has a model number, VIN number as well as a manufacturing date clearly visible. No two tunnel decals will be identical. You will need this information when dealing with warranty, service and/or registration of the sled so familiarizing yourself with it is a good idea.

The model information and VIN number for Polaris snowmobiles is located on the front right side of the tunnel. The VIN number is usually permanently stamped into the tunnel while the model number is simply embossed onto the decal. If you find that the decal has been removed or is no longer readable you will still be able to verify the sled with its VIN number.