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Sled Faster With New Technology Belts

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It's almost that exciting time of year again when we get to take the sled out of storage, give it a good tuneup and take it out on the mountain trails or snow packed fields, or maybe even on the soon to be frozen lake.

Making your sled go faster is fun and good but there are some things you need to do before you open up the throttle for the first time that I find are all too often overlooked. I'd like to talk about one of those things, your snowmobile's drive belt. After sitting in what is likely a hot garage or shed for months untouched it's possible that your engine belt has degraded a little, exam in for visible signs of cracks and fatigue and if you find any replace it immediately. It's far better to do that while it's in the garage than 5 miles deep on the trails or over wind swept open ice (been there, done that).

Another option: Replace the belt anyway, and let me share a little secret with you as to why – technology. New aftermarket performance belts are designed and engineered to perform under trail and race conditions and with proper maintenance will last a lot longer than stock or OEM belts. The difference is noticeable and the peace of mind is priceless.

Save money: I recently took my Polaris snowmobile in to the dealer for a replacement belt and wound up looking at a $180 price tag. A quick jaunt over to my favorite performance shop netted me a far superior belt, designed by engineers I see out at the local drag strip every year, for just $69, a whopping $111 savings. It's not my intention to lead you towards any particular performance shop or to any particular brand, this advice is as generic as I can make it, look into replacing your belt with one that has state of the art technology. Save money, peace of mind AND sled faster in the process, what more could you ask for?!