Vintage Snowmobile Videos

Every once in a while you come across something that is both precious and fantastic. That just happened to me when I first watched these vintage snowmobile videos. It looks like the vintage sled footage in the first video is from late 1965 or 1966. I say that because of the Snojet snowmobiles and the white hooded OMC. The vintage sled video footage also has some great scenes of front powered Bolens snowmobiles as well as countless now classic cars lining the road to see the vintage snowmobile races.

Vintage Snowmobiles

Vintage Snowmobile Video #1 - "Snowmobile Races Circa 1965"

Vintage Snowmobile Video #2 - "Old Snowmobile Video"

The video is a little shaky but it's great. Grown riders just having some fun, right up until the avalanche happens. Take a look.

Vintage Snowmobile Video #3 - "Vintage Snowmobile Advertisements"

I remember seeing some of these great old sled ads on TV, they bring back memories.

Vintage Snowmobile Video #4 - "Vintage Snowmobile Drag Race"

This one says unavailable sometimes but it's not, reload or head over to youtube. Worth seeing!

Vintage Snowmobile Video #5 - "Vintage Snowmobile Barn Find"

Bringing an old sled back to life and starting it after years of sitting in the barn. Good times.